Shri Sadananda Swamiji


ಸದಾನಂದ ರಾಮ್ ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರಾಮ್ ಸದಾನಂದ ರಾಮ್ ಸಚ್ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರಾಮ್॥

॥ सदानंद राम चिदानंद राम सदानंद राम सच्चिदानंद राम ॥

Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Shri Sadananda Swamiji (formerly Shri Ishwara Bhat) was born in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. He was the second child of Shri Subray Bhat and Shrimati Parameshwari Bhat. He completed his education till 8th standard and served as a teacher at Grant School at Pacheeru village. He received his Vedic education under Vedamurti Shri Parameshwar Bhat Shankarlinga at Gokarna. When he was twenty five years of age, he heard the spiritual discourses of the well-known Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji. The speech and the personality of Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji influenced him to renounce the world and become well known as “Ishwara Sadhu”. Later he went to Shigehalli (near Sirsi) to see Shri Shivananda Swamiji who was very famous for his Sadhana in the spiritual world. It was he who gave “Ishwar Sadhu” the lessons on the secrets of the Upanishads. Thus Shri Shivananda Swamiji became his first “Guru”. Shri Shivananda Swamiji sent Shri Sadanada to the temple at Kodigadde( in Siddapur Taluk) for further Sadhana. Only once in a day a priest used to come to the temple at noon to perform the daily Pooja and afterwards the place was totally deserted. For two years Sadananda Sadhu performed strict yogic penance. Later he was asked to return to Shigehalli by his Guruji. When Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji visited Shigehalli, Shri Sadananda got an opportunity to serve him. Thus, Shri Sadananda became the disciple of the Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji. Sadananda Sadhu obtained the Padukas of the Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji and went on worshiping it throughout India during his “Parivraajaka” phase. Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji had installed the new idol of Gopalakrishna at Shri Kshetra Gore. Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji instructed Ishwara Sadhu to come over to Shri Kshetra Gore. He came here and continued his Sadhana. He helped the devotees who paid visit to the Gore searching solutions to their problems in life. With the help of devotees he could establish now famous Sadguru Shri Shridhara Padukashrama here. He continued his daily meditation, penance and guidance to the devotees who came there. P.P. Shri Nirmalanda Swamiji, who had taken “Mantropadesham” from Sadguru Shri Shridhara Swamiji and was performing Sadhana at Badarinath, used to visit Gore twice in a year. Shri Sadananda Sadhu took “Sanyaasa Deeksha” from P.P. Shri Nirmalanda Swamiji and became Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Shri Sadananda Swamiji and climbed up the “Yogapeetha”.After sometime Swaymabhoo Shri MahaGanapati showed its existence to Shri Sadananda Swamiji at a black stone in the north of Shri Krishna Temple of Gore. Shri Sadananda Swamiji established the practice of daily poojas to this Shri Mahaganapati. Shri Sadananda Swamiji foresaw his end and prepared the place for his Mahasamadhi. Shri Sadananda Swamiji entered his Mahasamadhi on Chaitra Bahula Ekadashi of Krodhan Samvatsar( in April 1985) after completing his daily Pooja. Shri Nirmalanda Swamiji was then about to leave from Bengaluru Railway Station to Badarinath and he was informed of this and requested to come to Gore. Under his guidance the last rites were performed with all religious formality at the spot prepared by Shri Sadananda Swamiji himself. The “Padukas” and the “Lingam” which were brought by Shri Sadananda Swamiji himself were installed at the place and ‘Trikaal’(Daily three times) Pooja System was arranged. Even today innumerable devotees offer the service here and get relief from their problems and worries.

Jai Jai Raghuveer Samarth!!!