Shri Ramaswamy


Shri Ramaswamy was born in the year 1925 in Sivamogga in Karnataka on Kartika Suddha Dasami to the couple Shri Mallarappa and Shrimati Padmavatamma. His parents were devotees of Shri Rama, therefore they named their son as Ramaswamy. From childhood Shri Ramaswamy was showing more interest in poojas and bhajans than on sports and songs. Even during childhood after studying, reading and writing he used to sit near his mother and read Ramayana and Bhagavatham for her. Once the devotion of Shri Ramaswamy reached such a zenith that for three days the figure of Maruti was visible before his eyes wherever he looked. Shri Ramaswamy was highly inclined towards spirituality even from childhood. He was going without fail to all places wherever Harikatha, bhajana and programmes relating to spiritual matters were held. Shri Ramaswamy read from one book that “The life which did not receive knowledge of Self is a waste” That point struck his heart and his interest in spiritual endeavour enhanced. He started to search for a Guru suitable to his desire. For that purpose he met many scholars, sadhus and ascetics, but he could not get an answer satisfied his restless mind from anyone. At last in the year 1948 he chanced to meet Bhagawan Shri Swamiji for the first time in a village near Sagara town. Merely by seeing Him, Shri Ramaswamy had some inexplicable feelings and an indefinable joy. Then Shri Ramaswamy humbly stood near to Shri Swamji. Shri Swamji asked him what he wanted. Shri Ramaswamy immediately submitted to Shri Swamji, “I want Self-knowledge.” Shri Swamji exclaimed, “you want Self-knowledge??.” Shri Ramaswamy replied, “Yes, that is the only thing I want from You!” Thereupon Shri Swamiji blessed him saying, “Surely, you will get what you seek!” On that, Shri Ramaswamy felt so much happiness as if he got the boon from God Himself. He at once placed his head on the lotus feet of Shri Swamiji and paid obeisance. Shri Swamiji touched with his nectarine hands on the back of Shri Ramaswamy who saluted him. As soon as the touch of Shri Swamiji’s divine hands took place, Shri Ramaswamy experienced that a divine celestial power circulated in his body. After some days his Gurudeva Shri Swamiji decided to go to Kurugaddi Kuravpur with determination to do penance in seclusion. Ramaswamy requested Shri Swamiji to allow him to accompany Him. Shri Swamiji advised Ramaswamy that, “A disciple should think that the desire of Guru is the desire of mine, so you should stay here and do anusthanam in solitude, do Gayatri japa for 1200 times a day”. Hence Ramaswamy prepared to follow Shri Swamiji’s advice. After completion of the penance at Kurugaddi Kuravpur, Shri Swamiji went to Kashi and spent two more years there. Shri Ramaswamy, however, remained at Sajjangadh for nearly 3 years. There Karki Ganga Akka helped him a lot as only she knew Kannada. In 1952 complying with the prayer of His devotees, Shri Swamiji came to Sivamogga from Kashi. Then Shri Ramaswamy returned to his native village Sivamogga from Sajjangadh. Later Shri Swamiji sent him to Shri Kshetra Narsobawadi for an ‘anushtan’ which would last for 6 months. Once during this period of six months, while Shri Ramaswamy was doing ‘manasa puja’ he had a vision of Shri Swamiji being seated on the Paadukas (holy sandals) of Shri Narasimha Saraswati. With this Shri Ramaswamy had a feeling in his mind that the grace of his Guru was on him. At that time Shri Ramaswamy got acquainted with Shri Devaraya Kulkarni, a Datta devotee belonging to Karnataka. Years later, Shri Devaraya Kulkarni was the person to request Shri Ramaswamy to go to Pithapuram for the renovation of the Datta temple and propagate about the greatness of Shri Dattatreya and Shri Shripada Shrivallabha. However, Shri Ramaswamy had mental hesitation as to whether any one would speak with them at a place which was about one thousand miles away from Bangalore and where they were total strangers. With such mental reservation about going to Pithapuram Shri Ramaswamy kept quiet. But after some days his right ear suddenly went deaf. There was no relief in spite of many medical treatments. It occurred in his mind that this was probably a ‘leela’ (a divine play) of Shree Dattatreya. While Shri Ramaswamy was going to Bangalore from Devanahalli to gather necessary information for going to Pithapuram a big sound was suddenly heard in the right ear on the way. The ear which lost hearing faculty regained at once hearing as before. He became very much astonished. Precisely at the same time his guru Shri Swamiji came to Bangalore. Then he intimated this incident to Shri Swamiji. Shri Swamiji said ” Datta knows very well how to bring His devotees to His fold. Actually you could have been instructed in a dream or in meditation to go over to Pithapuram but He has subjected you to this tough ordeal and guided you to go to Pithapuram. All this is a ‘leela’ or divine sport of Shri Dattatreya and nothing else. Shri Dattatreya will show grace to His devotees with so much love which will commensurate the extremely difficult tests He will impose on them. As a proof of it He created this incident to you and is attracting you to Him as an indication of His grace”. In the year 1966 Shri Ramaswamy first stepped in Pithapuram. Later he established ‘Shripada Shrivallabha Maha Samsthanam’ and renovated Datta temple. Shri Ramaswamy is nearly 91 years old today and still lives at Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh.

Jai jai Raghuveer Samarth!!