Shri Pritviraj Bhalerao


Shri Pritviraj Bhalerao, also know as Shri Bapu, was born on 1 st Jan 1931 in Hyderabad, his family was known as Rajerayrayan family which had a tradition and history. Mother Kamalaraje and father Dhundirajbahadur named the child as Prithviraj since his birth date was on 1st of Jan the first day of the year. His father was a supreme judge of Nijam states as he was bar –at –law passed out from London thus the culture in the house was quite modern. In spite of having modern and western culture in the house, due to inbuilt divine power Shri Bapu use to spend his maximum time in daily pooja and meditation and as a result of this devotion and dedication at the age of eight, he had been blessed by Lord Krishna in his “Vishwaviratswaroop” darshana. This incident had given him internal realization of his devotions in last life toward lord Krishna in the form of Radhabhav Swaroop. He started asking his parents for his sacred thread ceremony from the age of eight although his father who was more inclined towards western culture was not ready for this traditional ceremony. But Bapu’s persistent follow- up had made them to change their decision and finally his threading ceremony took place at the age of fourteen. He had studied in-depth about ‘Dharma shastra’ and ‘Upasana Shashtra’ also during his college studies the western philosophy had helped him to understand the Indian and western culture and comparison between both. After reading Shri Dasbodh he got attracted towards the practical thoughts given by Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami so he read all the books and poems written by Shri Samarth Ramdas . He always had a desire to meet all the saints and serve them with complete devotion. In 1950 Shrawan month post reading ‘Shivalilamrut’ for consecutive three Mondays he could see one saint giving him Darshan and introducing himself as Bhagwan Shridhar Swami Maharaj and created ‘Omkar’ on his ‘Bramha randhra’ and blessed him by saying that he is doing his Brahma Pooja . When Shri Bapu got up next day he realized that this was the ‘Diksha’ given by Swamiji and he is the luckiest one who had been chosen by such a divine Guru who is going to lead him towards the ‘Bramha Prapti’ Post this Incident he decided to meet Swamiji started gathering all information about Sadguru and finally on 18 th Jan 1954 Tuesday his persistent search resulted in to an ultimate end with a divine darshan of Shrimat PP Sadguru Bhagwan Shri Shridhar Swami Maharaj. He was given Diksha by Swamiji on 4th April 1954 Chaitra shudh pratipada (gudhi Padava also known as Ugadi). Shri Bapu was 23 years old at that time. After the Diksha he served his Sadguru with ultimate devotion. He attained ‘Atma Saakshaatkaar’ or Self realizaion at the age of 32 (1963). He wrote many songs about Swamiji. He wrote books like ‘Sridhar Mahatmya’, ‘Shridhar Chartra Unmesh’, ‘Subodh Upasana’, ‘Upasana Mahatmya’ He left his physical body on 18th June 2015 (Adhik Ashadh Shuddh Dvitiya).

Jai Jai Raghuveer Samarth!!