Shri Sadubhau Kulkarni


Shri Sadashiva Pandurang Kulkarni, also known as Shri Sadubhau Kulkarni was born in a village named Kuthare in Satara District of Maharashtra on 13th March 1920. He first met Shri Swamiji during the ‘Das Navami’ celebrations in Solapur in 1959 which were organised by Shri Methodekar Buva. Upon requesting Shri Swamiji to give him ‘Anugrah’, Shri Swamiji said that He would certainly give him but at Shri Kshetra Ganagapur, where He was heading. Accordingly, after a week Sadubhau Kulkarni received ‘Anugrah’ at Shri Kshetra Ganagapur. In 1960 Shri Swamiji had visited Solapur again at the house of Shri Bakshi. There were thousands of people gathered to take ‘darshana’ of Shri Swamiji. Shri Ashtekar Buva took Shri Sadubhau to Shri Swamiji and personally requested Him to bless him. Shri Swamiji placed his hand on the head of Shri Sadubhau, and instantly Shri Sadubhau went into a deep trance. For more than an hour he was sitting motionless without any awareness of his surroundings. This experience brought about a drastic and profound change in his personality. He was a totally transformed man. All his previous mundane habits were gone and he became a truly spiritual person. This was nothing short of a new birth for him. Later, in Pune he started a group called ‘Dasbodh Abhyas Mandal’. Every evening the members came together and studied Dasbodh and other various spiritual scriptures. Later on he conceived of building ‘Shridhar Dhyan Mandir’ in Pune. Even today all the devotees of Shri Swamiji come together on the first Sunday of every month for ‘Upasana’. His most famous literary work is ‘Shridhar Siddha Charitra’ a biography of Shri Swamiji composed in Ovi metre of Marathi. There are over 40,000 Ovis in this biography. His other books are ‘Ananda Tatva Mimansa’ and ‘Soliv Sukh’. He left his physical body on 19th Jan 2009.

Jai Jai Raghuveer Samarth!!