“Vismriti” pravachana

by Shrimat PP Sadguru Bhagwan Shri Shridhara Swami Maharaj

(Many thanks to Mrs V.P.Bhat, Sirsi for translating this into English from the original Kannada version and sharing it with this website. The original is here. Proofreading - Rajanikant Chandwadkar))
God is all affluent. God is omnipotent. He can do anything. He can give anything. People who know this are not rare. But those who bring this in to practice are very rare. Just knowing that or agreeing that God is omnipotent is not useful enough. The Lord is like a very clever rich person. He is never deceived by the cheating ways of the robbers who come to steal his riches. Outsiders can be deceived. But who can deceive the Supreme Being who is sitting inside us and is witnessing everything.  One needs three dimensional purity. If one sees with sight refined by conquering the six enemies, God will appear. God becomes theirs who pray with a refined heart, he is kind to them, he becomes an ocean of generosity that can give whatever such a devotee asks for.  If there is no purity of mind or single mindedness towards God, there will be neither God nor His grace. The wise sight will feel the presence of God.
God listens to the prayers of His devotees. He solves all the sufferings of those who praise Him. Lord Himself has told that He is easy to get for anyone who remembers God continually with single-minded devotion.  He has also said that “If you place your mind in Me, you will cross over all the hardships ordained by Me”. But when is that??….
Let us say there is a rich person. A poor person goes to him for a loan. Neither asking for donation nor asking for favor, but requesting for a loan that he says he will give back with interest. Does the rich person give loan to everyone who comes requesting like this? The rich person sees first what is the character of the requester? what is his conduct? will he do as he says? Would he have taken loans similarly from others? After considering all this and determining that the requester is indeed qualified to receive the loan, he pays out the loan.
Similarly God’s devotees also need certain qualification. Only when a devotee has well cultured mind, purity of conduct, single-minded surrender to God, there is value to his devotion. Then he gets the help of God’s powers. There is nothing without God.
Poor people go to the rich man and request for loan. People facing hardships seek the help of their relatives. But they do not go and pray to the Almighty God who can protect all of these people. That is because they do not have the above qualification to do so. God’s capability is not known to such a person. Bhagavad Gita says that if one prays to God with the same amount of humility and grace with which one begs a rich person to grant the loan, why would one not get emancipation? God says that in whichever way one surrenders to Me, I help them in the same way. He has assured protection to those who follow Him tenaciously believing God is the only refuge. God does not expect anything other than single-minded devotion towards Him.
Jai Jai Raghuvir Samartha!!
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