Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati Swamiji
(Courtesy - Shri Anil Bapat,Sagar(Facebook) and Shri Shridhar Dixit,Pune(Facebook)
English translation - Mrs Prabha Bhat,Pune(Facebook)


Yanmahavakya sidhantha muktachaitanya gocharam|
Vasudevananda sanjynam nomi sarvatmakam gurum||

Shri. Swami Vasudevananda Saraswati, was born as second son to Vedamurti Venka Bhat, of village Barige in Sorab Taluk. Even in his young age, Swamiji not only excelled in vaidic rituals, school studies, farming and in the art of handicrafts & artifacts but also was totally dedicated and result oriented in his approach to work.
Swamiji at the young age of twenty, started in the path of renunciation by leaving home and staying in Shivanandashram at Sheegehalli and dedicated himself to the services in the Matha. This young Sadhak Having come in contact with P.P. Bhagwan Sadguru Shri. Shreedhar Swami, at Sheegehalli, went along with Shri. Shreedhar Swami to Badrikashram and received his initiation to Sanyasa at Badrikashram.
Then on, Shri Swami Vasudevananda Saraswati carried out his Tapas at Badrikashrama and held series of lectures on ancient Vedantic scriptures. Excellent compilation of his lecture series on Upanishads and Bhagwadgeeta has been published in book form.
Later on he returned back to Karnataka and stayed in Bilgunji for a few years and then, as per Shri Shreedhar Swami’s instructions he shifted to Kshetra Varadapura. Thus, he served his Guru Shri Shreedhar Swami with single point devotion for many many years.


On 14th July 1998, Swami Vasudevanada Saraswati left his earthly body and merged in Brahma! Devotees of Swami Vasudevanada Saraswati, inspired and guided by Guru, have constructed Samadhi of the mortal remains of Swami near the Amachi river at Anegudde farm, as per scriptural instructions and religious practices.

Shri Barige Vasudevananda Swami Seva Trust (Regd.)
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 Ta: Sorab, Dist: Shivamogga
Telephone no. :  08183-30061